The art of inviting guests to your podcast

Posted by Terri Lydon | Aug 15, 2023

Booking compelling guests can elevate your podcast and help attract a wider audience.

But how do you invite someone you don't know to be your guest? Here are some tips: 

1. Do your homework

Understand potential guests’ background, interests and the topics they're known for. Listen to their previous interviews, read their articles and follow them on social media. That not only helps you tailor your invitation but also shows your genuine interest in their work.

2. Craft a personal message

Avoideneric invitations. Mention specific reasons why you admire their work and how their expertise aligns with your podcast's themes. A personalized touch demonstrates your sincerity and increases the likelihood of a positive response.

3. Keep it clear and concise

Time's precious. Begin your message with a simple introduction to your podcast and its purpose. Highlight the potential benefits of being a guest on your show—such as exposure to your audience, networking opportunities and the chance to share their insights.

4. Showcase your podcast's value

Explain how your podcast serves listeners, detail their demographics, and cite any notable recognition your show’s received. And be sure to include how you promote the podcast along with your audience count -- newsletters, social media, website, etc.

5. Propose relevant topics

Demonstrate you've put thought into the collaboration and help guests visualize their contribution to your show. And be open to their suggestions to ensure a mutually beneficial production.

6. Highlight previous collaborations

Mention notable guests and influential individuals who’ve been your guests on earlier shows. That lends you credibility.

7. Be flexible

Offer a range of dates and times for recording the episode. Willingness to accommodate their time zone or location is essential.

8. Showcase your professionalism

Detail your recording setup, technical capabilities and post-production process.

9. Express gratitude and follow up

End your invitation with a genuine thank-you, acknowledging their busy schedule and emphasizing how much their participation would mean to your audience. You can follow up politely if you don't get a response within a reasonable timeframe.

10. Be respectful of their decision

Not everyone you invite will be available or interested in participating, and that's OK. Maintaining a positive attitude throughout leaves the door open to future collaborations.