The benefits of podcasting for businesses

Posted by Cindy Paulauskas | Dec 02, 2022

We’re asked all the time if we really think podcasting can help someone’s business. The answer is yes.

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Coach’s advice

Posted by Terri Lydon | Oct 27, 2022

Learning any new skill is hard. A good coach is essential.

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No hablas? No problem!

Posted by Ron Brown | Oct 17, 2022

You can record and edit a professional sounding podcast in a foreign language even if the podcast editor doesn't understand a single word that the host and guests are saying.

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Podcast multimedia: A case study

Posted by | Sep 22, 2022

Transcripts are a lot of work but they can help expand your audience—those who prefer reading to listening.

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Sketch Like a Pro

Posted by Tiyen Simmons | Sep 12, 2022

The best part about sketching is that the drawing does not have to be perfect. It's all about being raw and authentic in the process.

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Having the Last Word (or Giving Your Guest the Final Say??)

Posted by Jennifer O'Neill | Aug 15, 2022

Inviting your guests to open up after they're warmed up could end up producing pay dirt.

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Want to podcast? Create a gripping open.

Posted by Charlie Meyerson | Aug 01, 2022

Open your show with some of the most interesting words from what’s to come.

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10-second rule?

Posted by Terri Lydon | Jun 30, 2022

You’re lucky if you have 5 seconds to grab your audience’s attention.

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Posted by James VanOsdol | Apr 26, 2022

You will lose audience if you can’t commit to delivering content on a dependable schedule.

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