Make your podcasts more discoverable with transcripts 

Posted by Terri Lydon | Apr 15, 2024

The addition of transcripts to your podcasts can increase your work’s value immensely. Leverage them to enhance your audience’s experience:

SEO boost

Transcripts can significantly improve your podcast’s  discoverability. Search engines rely on text to index content, so transcripts can boost  your podcast's visibility in search results.


Not everyone can fully engage with audio content due to hearing impairments or language barriers. Transcripts let such users join in by reading or translating your work.

Enhanced understanding

Audio’s not always the best way to share detailed information. Transcripts let listeners read along as they listen and refer back to specific points of interest—whether it's a complex topic or a rapid-fire discussion.


Transcripts serve as a valuable “note-taking” resource. Listeners can highlight insights and quotes for later use. 

Content repurposing

Podcast transcripts open up opportunities that audio alone can’t. You can use excerpts from transcripts to create blog posts or social media snippets—not only extending the reach of your podcast but also helping you cater to different audience preferences and consumption habits.

Legal protection

Having a transcript of your podcast episodes can help … um … CYA. It serves as a documented record of the content discussed—helpful in resolving disputes.

Don't take our word for it—Apple is forging ahead with the inclusion of transcripts for podcast episodes

Introducing transcripts on Apple Podcasts builds on Apple’s commitment to making products and services for everyone,” said Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior director, Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives. “We are thrilled to make transcripts widely available for all, adding an additional layer of accessibility to the Podcasts experience.”


Plus: It’s easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. Transcripts can be added to the distribution of your podcast episodes with a simple cut-and-paste. 

Not sure how to get transcripts or need your cleaned up? We’re here to help.